The solution for the home and small office from 1 to 6 extensions

In addition to the modular and scalable system solution, Gigaset pro also offers a micro PBX based on one terminal (DX800A all in one). Up to 6 cordless Gigaset mobile handsets can be registered as extension stations.

DX800A_all_in_one_SYS_TR_pianoblack_titanium_530x315neuIn addition to the handsets, you can also connect an analog fax. The DX800A offers the possibility of a wired and a Bluetooth headset to integrate.

The ‘DX800A all in one’ functions as a small telephone exchange which can be connected to an existing telephone network via either 1xISDN, 1x analogue connection or SIP (via LAN).



Numerous options are available for the mobile handsets – from classy metal to durable, waterproof and ultra portable.

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