Want do save money and have secure communication?
We offer you the possibility to this and many more benefits.
With a Starface VoIP - ISDN telephone System,
the high-quality phones from Snom and an Endian firewall.

So that once configured, you can phone anywhere in
the world (Internet required) and operate over a
VPN tunnel (encrypted) connection. This leaves the
guaranteed conversation bugged.
They are always available at your phone number and all internal calls are free.

Your Benefiz:

  • Direct dial to offices worldwide
  • no telephone costs for calls to and from headquarter
  • Secure and tap-proof communication
  • Global access to STARFACE telephony functionality
  • Your employees can place calls right away
  • STARFACE telephone system grows with your company

One-time costs

One STARFACE VoIP System for up to 40 user, one Endian firewall for secure connection,one Telefone Snom 820, the installation, configuration and one Starface user License

ca. 2.728 €
Costs per new user
Snom 820 VoIP Telefon
incl. configuration and one user License
ca. 579 €

With current monthly costs of telephone calls to Germany:
50,00€ 100,00€ 150,00€ 200,00€ 400,00€ 500,00€
Amortization of investment in years:
4,55 2,27 1,52 1,14 0,57 0,45