STARFACE Client for Mac

The STARFACE Client for Mac offers call initiation by mouse click and fax transmission for every Mac application. On inbound calls the data set of the caller gets displayed, along with (available) contact image.

Import Mac OS X Adressbuch in to STARFACE

Export Address Book: Exports all data from the Mac Address Book into a single file, either in vCard, tab-delimited text files, HTML tables, Ohr into CSV files. You can also create user-defined fields with labels and save them as templates. A template for the STARFACE address book (testet with version, we have created for you and made it available for download.

The solution for the home and small office from 1 to 6 extensions

In addition to the modular and scalable system solution, Gigaset pro also offers a micro PBX based on one terminal (DX800A all in one). Up to 6 cordless Gigaset mobile handsets can be registered as extension stations.

New version of remote control software - TeamViewer 8

Now the time has come, we have a new version of our remote control software.
Many of you already, we were able to help quickly and easily without having to travel to you separately.
With this release all will go even faster by equipping. In our support section to find the actual program files for download.
Das neue iOS 4 von Apple
Das iPhone wird durch die neue iOS 4 Software von Apple noch interessanter für Unternehmen. Mit sicherem Zugriff auf unternehmenseigene Netzwerke, tausenden Business-Apps von Drittanbietern und einem Entwicklerprogramm für Unternehmen zur Erstellung interner Apps ist das iPhone 3GS und iPhone 4 bereit für die Arbeit.
NEW! STARFACE Client for iPhone

STARFACE Client for iPhone app for the iPhone * These offers not only control your iPhone from diversions of various features of your STARFACE PBX.
Customer recruits Customer
You have friends or relatives who need help with their computer or communications equipment? Then it's time. You are doing a persuasive and tell them about the good experiences you have made with us. Thank you very much!
New STARFACE Version 4.0
Recently available is the new STARFACE version 4.0 with many new interesting and useful extensions. Read in a subsequent article, which highlights the new version has to offer.
STARFACE Integrationen
Die Integrationen von STARFACE verbinden die Funktionalität von Anwendungen und TK:  Kontaktdaten system- und anwendungs- übergreifend bearbeiten!
Want do save money and have secure communication?
We offer you the possibility to this and many more benefits.
With a Starface VoIP - ISDN telephone System,
the high-quality phones from Snom and an Endian firewall.
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